About New Leonard Media

Multimedia Company in Traverse City, MI

New Leonard Media (NLM) is a family owned and operated multimedia service company. We offer creative tools to support your marketing and communication plan. NLM believes that it does not have to be costly in order to look and sound professional. Whether you are in need of audio or visual support, our team has the education and experience to provide the high standard of production that you expect.

About the crew:

NLM owner, Mark L. Wilson is a graduate from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and certified in Logic Pro and Pro Tools. His background is in multimedia, entertainment, and leadership. Mark also holds a degree in Visual Communications and a Masters in Public Administration.

Kaden Wilson is an audio engineer with background in music production and entertainment. He began writing and producing music in his teens and is proficient in Logic Pro, FL Studio, and Adobe Creative Suite. Kaden has also been vocal talent for radio commercials and tv advertisements. Find DEVEL on SoundCloud.

Nate VerBerkmoes is producer and host of South of the Straits Podcast (Live Sunday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST on YouTube via Aberky Productions and New Leonard Media). His background is in broadcast, video production and large format digital print. He is proficient in Adobe Audition and Adobe PhotoShop.